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Solving Pain Points in the Patient Journey

5 Fast, Effective Ways to Streamline Patient In-take The Healthcare Conundrum No one likes filling out paperwork. As a provider, you know only too well how patient intake transactions can drag down wait times and up labor costs. Get the resource


The Complete Contract Management Solution Buyer’s Guide

The Complete Contract Management Solution Buyer’s Guide is a thorough look at contract management solutions, key considerations, and the most powerful contract management platform evaluation checklist in existence. Get the resource


12 Steps to Drive Digital Adoption With Change Management

Download this free guide to help your team go digital You want to boost efficiency, revenue, and even morale with a successful digital adoption—but getting everyone else on board to change their ways can sound daunting. Get the resource


How to Build the Business Case for Contract Management Solutions

Optimize the agreement process, maximize the value and impact you deliver. Yet 90% of organizations are still manually managing this business-critical process—and it’s costing them (about 10% of annual revenue says IACCM and untold opportunity cost). Get the resource


Produce Better Agreements By Rethinking Organizational Processes

It’s the “Quiet revolution.” Making the shift from paper contracts to digital processes that is turning the agreements process itself and contract-handling teams into impact centers. For General Counsels, rethinking agreements means more time to focus on strategic initiatives facing the business For Contract Managers, rethinking agreements means greater visibility and reduced administrative work, increasing efficiency and compliance. Get the resource


Best Practices for Contract Efficiency

Ineffective contract management costs businesses up to 9.2% of annual revenue (IACCM). Manual contract management by default is ineffective and inefficient—manual contract management is proven to take more time and cost more than the alternative. Get the resource


Buying Contract Management Software in 2020: Top 20 Q&A

Download this free top 20 comprehensive Q&A for 2020 to carry into every sales conversation.  In 2020, digitization continues to be the most important priority for business boards. Yet, contract management remains one of the last manual processes in the business ecosystem. Get the resource