Looking to see how Agiloft compares to Concord?

Concord is a better fit for organizations that want:

  • Familiar user interface
  • Self-service platform
  • Fast onboarding
  • Redlining in-app
  • Collaboration with counterparties
  • Unlimited e-signatures
Conditional approvalsvv
Audit trailvv
Clause library & alternate clause selectorvv
Amendment managementvv
Renewal alertsvv
Role-based permissionsvv
One interface for all usersxv
Unlimited, native e-signaturesxv
Redline in-appxv
Comment and chat with counterpartiesxv
Integrations with Box and Dropboxxv
Onboarding in 2 weeksxv

Simplicity, by design

Agiloft offers complete customization but the number of options available can be overwhelming. Concord designed a familiar, Google Doc-like interface so anyone on any team — LegalSalesProcurementHR, and more — would find it easy and accessible to use. 

Negotiate online with counterparties

Agiloft enables editing and redlining in Microsoft Word but requires opening a separate version to compare redlines. Concord takes the hassle out of redlining a contract by enabling all track changes right on the platform — no need to download or re-upload each time you want to make a change. 

Seamless collaboration

Agiloft keeps track of emails in a contract record, but users cannot chat with counterparties or internal stakeholders right on the contract itself. With Concord, comment directly on the contract itself instead of by email. Chat privately with internal stakeholders or publicly with counterparties — all without leaving the contract. 

What you get when you use Concord

Get set-up in days, not months

Agiloft’s deep customizability means it takes organizations months to implement. Concord onboards most customers in under 3 weeks, so teams can start streamlining processes quickly.

Unlimited e-signature, at no extra cost

Agiloft integrates with several e-signature providers but does not offer a native e-signature. Concord’s native e-signature is secure and legally binding, so while you can integrate with DocuSign or another e-signature platform, you won’t have to.  

Automatically send signed contracts to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox

Agiloft enables users to download all contracts and attached files. Concord’s out-of-the-box integrations with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox automatically sends signed contracts to these additional storage systems.

Simple approval workflow editor

Agiloft’s graphical workflows give administrators a visual way to organize their approvals, but its complexity is time-intensive. Concord’s approval workflows are designed to quickly route the contract to the right person or team based on company-wide rules or the value of a field. 

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