Looking to see how Ironclad compares to Concord?

Concord is a better fit for organizations that want:

  • Online document editing 
  • Fast onboarding and full autonomy
  • Familiar user interface
  • Collaboration with counterparties
  • Transparent pricing
  • Features for all teams, not just Legal
Audit trailvv
Contract storagevv
Internal/public discussionvv
Integrations with Salesforce, DocuSign, Google Drive, Box, and Dropboxvv
Open APIvv
File formats.docx.docx, .pdf, .html
Generate and send multiple contracts at oncexv
Clause libraryxv
Edit in-appxv
Native e-signaturexv
Deadline & renewal alertsxv
Transparent pricingxv

Strong contract negotiation tools

Ironclad is great for having a discussion with colleagues or third parties, but Concord takes collaboration a step further. Create internal-only versions of contracts so colleagues can work together, ensuring private edits and comments always stay private. Plus, edit and redline contracts right on Concord without having to download, email, and re-upload.

Full autonomy

Updating most workflows requires a Legal Engineer at Ironclad. Concord is built for organizations that want total autonomy over templates, approval workflows, permissions — everything — so no one ever needs to wait, or pay, to make a change.

Designed for all teams

Ironclad was built for Legal teams, by Legal teams, but Concord was built with the entire organization in mind — LegalSalesProcurementHR, and more. Concord designed a familiar, Google Doc-like interface so both Legal and non-Legal teams would feel right at home.

What you get when you use Concord

Generate multiple documents at once

Ironclad works well if you only need to send one agreement, but Concord is a better fit if you need to send out multiple contracts at once. Concord’s automated templates create multiple customized versions of an agreement with different variables using Salesforce, Excel, or Concord’s API.

Keep track of deadlines, renewals, and non-standard clauses

Ironclad sends alerts for key dates. Concord sends automated, customized alerts for deadlines, renewals, and non-standard clauses to track the most important parts of business.

Clause library for templates

Ironclad offers fallback options for workflows. Concord’s clause library is a dedicated place to house all pre-approved clauses to insert into contracts when needed. And when the library is updated, so are all templates that include that clause.

Unlimited e-signature, at no extra cost

Ironclad integrates with several e-signature providers but does not offer a native e-signature. Concord’s native e-signature is secure and legally binding, so while you can integrate with DocuSign or another e-signature platform, you won’t have to.

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