Stay in control of your contract deadlines

Always be on top of upcoming contract deadlines with automated alerts and reports.

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Precisely manage
all your contract deadlines

Keep track of all your contract deadlines through alerts and reports so you can start renegotiations, renewals and terminations on time. Customize your preferences according to your needs.

Easily add many deadline types to your contracts

Set up any type of deadlines you need to efficiently manage your contracts. Concord enables you to add many deadline types such as lifecycle, payments or projects.

Deadline alerts

Manage all your upcoming lifecycle deadlines with automated weekly e-mail alerts. Everyone with access to a contract receives alerts to help keep your team on the same page.

Easily-accessible deadline reports

Access your deadline report from the main dashboard to quickly see all upcoming deadlines. Build custom reports to dive deeper into your data.

More ways to manage
your deadlines

Build custom reports

Our open API lets you extend Concord’s capabilities for use with your software, websites, or apps.

Export reports

Move all your legacy documents to Concord by uploading an unlimited number of contracts in .zip files.

Change notification intervals

Streamline your app integrations with real-time data using webhooks. Connect your apps and automate workflows.

Thousands of companies trust Concord.

“Concord has been very helpful with respect to making sure that we have access to everything in a way that doesn’t rely on one person to have to be able to get to it.”


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Frequently asked

  • How do I add deadlines to contracts?

    Deadline info can be added in the lifecycle section of a contract’s summary sheet, which you’ll find in the online editor for contract templates, drafts, and signed contracts.
  • Who receives contract deadline alerts?

    Everyone who is assigned to a given contract receives deadline alerts, even if they’re only a viewer of that contract.
  • What types of deadlines can I add to contracts?

    You can add many types of deadlines to your contracts. Lifecycle deadlines are standard, but you can also set up additional custom deadlines and alerts – for example, for insurance, payments, or projects.
  • Can I modify the deadlines I add in Concord?

    Yes, you can modify your deadlines and deadline alerts at any time. You can also decide how many days in advance you would like to start receiving your alerts about upcoming deadlines.
  • How and when will I receive deadline alerts?

    Once a week, you’ll receive an email with a list of all your upcoming contract deadlines. You can also easily view all your deadlines in the deadline report accessible from your main dashboard in Concord.
  • Can I add durations to general and financial clauses?

    Yes, you can add durations to general and financial clauses in contract templates, drafts, and signed contracts.

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