Reporting and analytics for all your contracts

Gather insights on all your contracts in seconds through Concord’s comprehensive dashboard for reporting and analytics.

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Contract insights and reports

Focus on the present while keeping an eye on the future. Plan with Concord by getting a deeper understanding of your company’s contract lifecycle management process.

Customizable reports

Gain valuable insights with truly customizable reports. You can report on various types of data to keep track of your contract management process.

Deadline reports

Stay on top of all upcoming contract deadlines with deadline reports and notifications. You can report on many types of deadlines, including lifecycle, payments, projects, or certificate of insurance.

Share, export, and analyze your data

Share your reports with your team directly in Concord or export them to Excel or other tools to perform in-depth analyses.

Filter reports

Gain valuable insights into your data by filtering reports. Concord offers many filters including dates, author, and tags such as 3rd party, type of contract, and more.

More ways to analyse
your contracts

Reports tailored to your needs

Customize reports to easily track what you need. Filter by date, tags, document type and more.

Contract deadline reports

Stay on top of your workload with Concord by using reports to prepare for upcoming deadlines.

Export and analyze data

Export your reports to .xslx or .csv files to perform in-depth analyses of your data.

Visual insights

Get a visual overview of your CLM process in Concord’s analytics dashboard.

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Frequently asked

  • What are electronic signatures?

    Electronic signatures are a legal substitute to traditional handwritten signatures. They are used to authenticate online contracts and documents.
  • What is a signing order and how can I create one?

    If you need the document to be signed by more than one person and in an order, you can turn on the signing order toggle and decide the order. Each user will receive an email once it’s their turn to sign and you will be notified once the document is fully signed.
  • How do I find out when a document is fully signed?

    Concord provides real-time updates through each step of the process from upload, negotiations to signing. Once a document is signed, you will be notified through email or through an update of your Concord Dashboard.
  • What about in 20 years? Will I be able to check the validity of my signatures as the technology evolves?

    Yes. Even if new standards appear in the future, contracts previously signed in Concord will remain valid and legally binding. You will still be able to prove their authenticity.
  • Are electronic signatures secure?

    Yes. Concord’s legally binding e-signatures are compliant with ESIGN and UETA. The certificate provided with each e-signature verifies its legitimacy. All PDFs contain an encryption key that will work as a verification of validity that the document was signed using Concord.
  • What types of files can I sign using Concord?

    You can sign any Word or PDF document and can upload attachments in almost any form including Excel, JPGs, PNGs, and PowerPoint. Alternatively, you can also build contracts in Concord’s online editor and edit them in the application itself.
  • Can I check the validity of my signatures if I’m not using Concord anymore?

    Yes. Concord lets you download any signed document as a PDF at any time. Each PDF includes signature tokens that prove the authenticity of the document. You can save your documents on your own servers and still guarantee their validity and integrity, even if you decide to stop using Concord.
  • What details can you find on an e-signature certificate?

    The certificate will have your verified email address, IP address, signatures or initials, recipient’s name, and the time and date of the signature execution.

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