IT contract management software

Generate, e-sign, and search thousands of contracts in seconds.
 Contract workflows just got effortless.

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A one-stop contract solution, 
built for your app ecosystem

Whether you’re a small IT team or a fast-growing SaaS company, 
Concord makes it easy to draft, e-sign, store and track contracts at scale.

Designed for high-volume contract workflows

Upload and generate hundreds of documents at a time. Concord won’t miss a beat.

Built for cost-price-quote (CPQ) programs

Quickly generate quotes, complete approval processes, and finalize deals with CPQ automation.

Integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more

Auto-populate contracts with customer and deal data — and get them signed in real time.

Lightning-fast uploads and e-signatures

Say goodbye to email attachments, and hello to live 
e-signing. Concord makes it easy to import your agreements, collect signatures, and finalize approvals — all in the same cloud-based documents.

5,000+ software integrations

Concord comes with out-of-the-box integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. Plus, with Zapier and our open REST API, your integration options are limitless.

Export contract data as an Excel file

Export detailed reports on your contracts’ status, due dates, and more. View analytics in Concord, or download them as Excel spreadsheets to create data-driven reports and presentations.

Contract workflows that move 
at the speed of your data

Here’s what our IT customers say about Concord

“Concord supercharges my workflow. It handles hundreds of document uploads with ease, and helps me find the data I need quickly. It moves at the speed of light.”


More than 1,500 businesses worldwide trust Concord, including

Cut your contract processing time by 80%. Book a live demo to see how.

With Concord, you’ll be sending and signing contracts straight from day one.

  Lightning-fast uploads

  Unlimited e-signatures

  AI-powered search

  Encrypted storage

  Same-day onboarding

  Easy-to-use interface

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Frequently asked

  • What does Concord do, exactly?

    Concord helps you create, negotiate, e-sign, store, and manage IT documents like contracts and price quotes — all in one place, in real time.
  • What is IT contract lifecycle management software?

    IT contract lifecycle management software (or IT CLM software) is a software solution designed to streamline and optimize the management of contracts within IT organizations, for sales teams, legal teams, and beyond. It enables IT departments to manage contract creation, execution, and analysis — improving compliance, minimizing risks, and improving operational and financial performance.
  • Can Concord handle contracts of varying complexity?

    Yes! Some of our IT customers use collect approvals and signatures on contracts that run to hundreds of pages. Our built-in version control and audit trails keep you up-to-date on each change, and allow you to revert to previous versions with just a click. We also offer a clause library tool, which enables you to rapidly insert pre-written contract clauses from a drop-down menu.
  • What tools does Concord provide for contract analysis and reporting?

    Concord provides a robust analytics and reporting dashboard, which shows you detailed reports on your contracts’ status, due dates, and more. You can also download reports Excel spreadsheets to perform your own custom analysis.
  • Can other people sign my documents in Concord for free?

    Yes! An unlimited number of invitees can e-sign your Concord documents for free. They’ll never have to create an account or pay anything to sign.
  • Can I switch to a different plan later?

    Yes! We’ll be happy to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you’d like. You’re also free to add or remove users — and you’ll only pay for the seats you actually use.
  • What makes Concord different from an e-signature tool like Adobe Sign?

    Concord does a whole lot more than just e-signing. It’s a full-featured contract intelligence platform that helps you with contract drafting, negotiating prices, presenting quotes, tracking deadlines, and finding documents in seconds with AI-powered full-text search functionality.
  • Is Concord compliant with data privacy regulations?

    Data privacy is a top priority at Concord. We operate in full compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA, and undergo regular security audits to keep your data safe. Concord also incorporates audit trails, which automatically track every entry and exit in each of your documents.
  • Can Concord integrate with my existing app ecosystem?

    Concord comes with out-of-the-box integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. Plus, with our open REST API, and native support for Zapier and webhooks, you can connect Concord to any in-house system of your choice.
  • What type of support and training does Concord offer?

    As a Concord customer, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will walk your team through onboarding and training, and provide ongoing support on demand. Your Customer Success Manager is included in your subscription, and their #1 goal is to optimize your experience using Concord.
  • Do I have to provide a credit card to 
schedule a demo of Concord?

    No, you don’t have to share any payment info to schedule a personalized demo of Concord’s functionality. The purpose of the demo is simply to show you how Concord can make your document workflows easier.
  • Can I use Concord on an iPhone or other mobile device?

    Yes! Concord is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, as well as on any desktop or laptop PC or Mac.