Healthcare Provider

Hospitals, care facilities, and other medical clinics use Concord to manage physician and staff contracts, vendor agreements, and many other types of medical contracts.


Concord’s Contract Success Platform provides a cloud-based system that is ideal for managing contracts and other types of legal documents used in the healthcare industry. Concord enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility by allowing relevant parties and individuals to access and review contracts from anywhere and at any time. Contract negotiations, versions, edits, and relevant conversations can all be attached to a given document within Concord to help keep things as simplified and organized as possible. Managing physician recruitment contracts, physician employment contracts, medical directorship arrangements, transfer agreements, and other types of medical related agreements has never been more straightforward or simple. An important part of managing contracts in the cloud is the ability to e-sign. With Concord, not only can you manage the secure storage and sharing of contracts with your healthcare professionals, but individuals can also be invited to sign contracts through Concord’s online platform. All they need is an e-mail address. It’s also important to note that the Concord’s electronic signature service has been recognized as legally binding in more than 100 countries. Allowing staff and vendors the chance to sign contracts digitally is just one more step that Concord has taken in order to save you precious time.


Though simplicity, convenience, and accessibility are a central part of the Concord Contract Success Platform, we also take confidentiality and security very seriously. Not only are our servers kept in HIPAA compliant SSAE 16-Certified data centers, Concord also protects all documents with AES-256 encryption, an industry standard. This keeps all data safely in the hands of the account holders only.


Not only does Concord offer the ability to become free of cumbersome files and paperwork, it also can have a positive impact on your environment. Additional benefits range from protecting our natural environment and saving trees, to also helping keep your hospital a cleaner, more clutter-free environment. When all contracts are stored digitally, you have less file cabinets taking up your space, less papers being lost or misplaced, and less hassle in the actual handling of information.


When it comes time to renewing contracts, Concord will automatically alert you when you need to begin reviewing contracts. These reminders are fully customizable, allowing you to have the ability to set them as far in advance as you would like. To learn more about how Concord can help simplify your contract management process, feel free to chat with one of our experts by filling out the form on this page or call 844-693-7446.