Healthcare contract management software

Secure document uploads and e-signatures in minutes,
so you can get back to caring for your patients.

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One secure platform for drafting, signing, and storing healthcare contracts

Whether you’re a small outpatient clinic or a large medical center, 
Concord makes it easy to draft, e-sign, store and track your documents.

One central source of truth for documents

Bring all your organization’s documents into one secure platform, with just a few clicks.

One system for document retrieval

Concord’s AI-powered full-text search puts the documents you need at your fingertips.

One HIPAA-compliant e-signing workflow

Collect HIPAA-approved electronic signatures from internal and external signers, in minutes.

electronic signatures

Say goodbye to email attachments, and hello to fast HIPAA-compliant e-signing. Concord makes it easy to share documents, collect signatures, and finalize approvals — all in the same online document.

User-friendly upload and search

Upload Word docs and PDFs with just a few clicks, or draft from scratch in Concord’s full-featured online editor. AI-powered search puts the documents you need right at your fingertips, in seconds.

role-based security

Concord protects all your documents behind bank-level security, in full compliance with HIPAA. You choose who gets access to each folder and file — ensuring that all sensitive data stays private.

Your one-stop shop for 
healthcare contract management

Here’s what our healthcare customers say about Concord

“Many hours saved, many dollars saved in health contracts that we meant to terminate and forgot.”


More than 1,500 businesses worldwide trust Concord, including

Cut your contract processing time by 80%. Book a live demo to see how.

With Concord, you’ll be sending and signing contracts straight from day one.

  Lightning-fast uploads

  Unlimited e-signatures

  AI-powered search

  Encrypted storage

  Same-day onboarding

  Easy-to-use interface

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Frequently asked

  • What does Concord do, exactly?

    Concord helps you create, negotiate, e-sign, store, and manage contracts, as well as other healthcare documents and patient records — all in one place, in real time.
  • What is healthcare contract management software?

    Healthcare contract lifecycle management software (or health CLM software) is a digital solution designed to help healthcare organizations manage contracts electronically. This includes patient records, treatment histories, billing information, and other critical paperwork. The software streamlines data handling, reduces physical paperwork, protects data privacy access, and helps maintain compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA.
  • How does Concord improve healthcare operations?

    Concord automates repetitive tasks like creating contracts, uploading documents, getting agreements signed, and tracking deadlines — freeing up your team members to devote more of their time to patient care.
  • Can Concord handle high volumes of documents and data?

    Absolutely! Many of our healthcare customers upload hundreds of documents to our contract repository every day, and run searches on thousands of contracts — all without any decrease in Concord’s lightning-fast performance.
  • Can other people sign my documents in Concord for free?

    Yes! An unlimited number of invitees can e-sign your Concord documents for free. They’ll never have to create an account or pay anything to sign.
  • Can I switch to a different plan later?

    Yes! We’ll be happy to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you’d like. You’re also free to add or remove users — and you’ll only pay for the seats you actually use.
  • What makes Concord different from an e-signature tool like DocuSign?

    Concord does a whole lot more than just handle e-signing. It also helps you draft agreements, negotiate changes, track deadlines, and find documents in seconds.
  • Is Concord compliant with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations?

    Yes! Concord’s e-signatures are fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. Our industry-leading security also complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, using role-based security to ensure only authorized parties can view each file and folder.
  • Can Concord integrate with existing health systems?

    Yes! Concord offers built-in integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other software platforms. We also provide an open API, which can enable Concord to communicate directly with specialized healthcare systems.
  • What steps does Concord take to secure patient data?

    Concord safeguards all data with SHA-256 encryption — the same security standard used by international banks. Users can only view files and folders to which they’ve specifically been granted access.
  • Do I have to provide a credit card to 
receive a demo of Concord?

    No, you don’t have to share any payment info to schedule a personalized demo of Concord’s functionality. The purpose of the demo is simply to show you how Concord can make your document workflows easier.
  • Can I use Concord on an iPhone or other mobile device?

    Yes! Concord is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, as well as on any desktop or laptop PC or Mac.