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Concord succeeded in our two objectives: signature speed and regional team satisfaction.


Winning a large project with the multinational telecom company Orange brought about a challenge for Scopelec. In order to complete the new project, agreements with 250 subcontractors needed to be put in place within a month. Regional teams were responsible for negotiating and signing contracts with local subcontractors. Due to the fact that negotiations took place outside of the legal team, ensuring compliance became a challenge. Additionally, keeping track of and reporting on the progress and status of all contacts was difficult. The size of the new project highlighted a need to move beyond using an Excel spreadsheet to manage their contracts. Scopelec usually processed subcontractor contracts in 15 days, and it took several rounds of emailing to get one contract signed. It was also not uncommon for contracts to be sent back to Scopelec without required supplementary administrative documents.


Scopelec saw an opportunity to improve the way it managed contracts. Team members set out to find a solution that would meet the following needs:
  • Industrialize the contract management process
  • Provide templates for contract creation
  • Maintain control over contract risk
Scopelec looked into several solutions and chose Concord because it met the legal team’s requirements and also included e-signature functionality as well as a user-friendly interface.


Scopelec is now getting contracts signed faster and is no longer sending several emails per contract. Moving contract signing and management online has enabled the network equipment manufacturer to become more efficient at controlling and distributing contracts. The legal team currently maintains templates on Concord and grants regional teams access to the files. Signing online within Concord gives all stakeholders immediate visibility regarding the status of each contract. The legal team is able to more easily ensure that each contract is compliant with their policies. They can also quickly export reports on all regional contract activity.
“ Concord succeeded in our two objectives: signature speed and regional team satisfaction. ”- Edwige Dupont, Junior Counsel at Scopelec
Subcontractors now attach supplementary documentation to contracts by uploading files, which are stored with each contract in Concord. Identifying missing files is a breeze and it takes less time to collect all documents. Executed contracts are stored online and renewal alerts are set to keep the team informed about upcoming deadlines. By revamping its contract process, Scopelec gets contracts signed much more quickly and maintains control over them throughout their lifecycle.

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