[VIDEO] – Customer Testimonial: Speeding Up Just Eat’s Legal Team

February 7, 2021 • Concord Community • 3 minutes

The legal team at Just Eat knew that they needed to modernize their contract management process. Their competitors were already streamlining their contract lifecycle and saving time and frustration with better tools.

But would a contract platform be easy to use and actually make work better? The team was thrilled with how Concord made contracts not only faster and easier to produce, but more consistent and compliant. Here is what they had to say about implementing Concord.

Check out this two-minute video testimonial from the Just Eat legal team.

Transcript of Just Eat Customer Testimonial from Legal Team

[00:00:05.220] – Speaker 1
We’re the world’s leading marketplace for online takeaway food, and we operate in 13 countries, one of the things that I have been looking after is the implementation of Concord. I was involved with the system we had before and I could see why Concord was going to help before Concord.

[00:00:25.890] – James Sporle, Group General Counsel

We had an online data room, but we had no form of contract generation software attached to it.

[00:00:31.740] – Paul McElroy, Trainee Solicitor

So it was all stored on a desktop, which was very inefficient.

[00:00:36.780] – James Sporle, Group General Counsel

We were still using manual analog processes to store contracts and to execute them. The two biggest challenges that we were facing that Concord solved were time and eSignature.

[00:00:50.910] – Amabel Evans, Legal Information Officer

Actually, with Concord, the more you use it, the easier it gets.

[00:00:54.960] – Paul McElroy, Trainee Solicitor

You can churn out an NDA very quickly to the business, negotiate a contract as well. I can see what’s happening. Any queries that come in from third parties, anything that’s coming in from internal clients within the business as well.

[00:01:09.300] – Amabel Evans, Legal Information Officer

By the time anyone is asking them for signature, it’s already been approved by legal. You can’t get that in a paper contract with this tool. My client essentially starts to contract themselves. They open it up the tool they get in, they share it with their lawyer. So they feel empowered. They feel they’ve got the tools at their disposal to go off and move forward on what they want to achieve with the lawyers supporting them in the background.

[00:01:33.120] – Paul McElroy, Trainee Solicitor

The adoption costs, the business has been really got a UK business picks up really well. They’re using it on a daily basis. I see the uses that come in every day.

[00:01:43.410] – Amabel Evans, Legal Information Officer

The team at Concord always really helpful, really happy to explain things.

[00:01:48.810] – James Sporle, Group General Counsel

The results we’ve seen from Concord are more time and more happiness in my legal team. I think this is an entrenched trend now. I think law firms and in-house legal teams alike know full well that they need these tools to give themselves better control, better visibility and better efficiency on how they’re doing business. So you’ve got to be using these tools or you’re simply not going to be as efficient as your competitors.

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