2023 Top Legal Conferences to Attend

January 20, 2023 • Legal • 5 minutes

With the Pandemic over, face-to-face conferences are back on! As a SaaS company, we understand the importance of staying current on the latest trends and developments, so we have compiled a list of the top legal conferences in 2023 for you to attend!

Why should you attend legal conferences?

Conferences often take a few days and can be costly, so why should you attend them?

First of all, networking opportunities, which can’t be overstated. There’s nothing like meeting people in person, and there’s no better way to do it than at a legal conference. Conferences bring together a diverse group of professionals from various backgrounds and specializations, providing a valuable opportunity for lawyers to expand their professional network and connect with potential clients or collaborators.

Second, gaining knowledge and insights. Conferences offer a wealth of information and expert perspectives on the latest developments and trends in the legal industry. Attendees can learn from industry leaders, discover new technologies and approaches, and gain valuable insights on how to improve their work.

Finally, staying current and competitive. The legal industry is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s essential for lawyers to stay informed about new regulations, laws, best practices, and technology. Legal conferences offer a great way for lawyers to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Attending conferences can also help lawyers to identify new areas of specialization and opportunities for growth within their practice.

Overall, attending face-to-face conferences can be an excellent way for lawyers to gain new knowledge, build professional relationships, and stay current and competitive in their field.

So, here’s our list of the top 6 legal conferences to attend in 2023!

1. ABA Tech Show 2023

March 1-4, Chicago, Illinois – website

Technology is such a quickly evolving field, and most areas of business are now dependent on it in order to stay competitive and efficient. ABA Tech Show brings together lawyers and legal professionals for a three-day event where they can learn about the latest and most practical technologies to utilize in their work. If you want to stay competitive and improve your efficiency, this is definitely a legal conference to consider attending.

2. Legalweek

March 20-23, New York, New York – website

Legalweek is a great choice for legal professionals, where they can explore the latest business and regulatory trends, technology, and talent drivers impacting the legal industry. The conference offers a wide range of activities such as workshops, case studies, talks, panel sessions, networking events, and hundreds of exhibitors.

Legalweek 2023 will cover a diverse range of topics including legal automation, eDiscovery & data science, legal operations, legal business strategies, litigation & data science, data privacy & cybersecurity, alternative legal services, practice management, and more. With thousands of legal professionals gathering in one place, it is the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and gain insights into the future of the legal industry.


3. Legal Up Virtual Conference

April 27-28, Virtual – website

This legal conference is a good choice for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their home or office. The whole event is virtual in nature, so you don’t miss out on anything, as can be the case during stationery events with a remote attendee option. Legal Up is an event for all types of legal professionals, with topics ranging from legal technology, through career growth and self-development, to law firm growth strategies.


4. Legal Geek North America

June 29, Chicago, Illinois – website

Legal Geek is quite informal in spirit and focuses on three main elements: education, networking opportunities, and having fun. This year’s agenda will be centered around practical legal innovation, featuring short, TED-style talks, expert Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, and interactive workshops. In addition to the educational aspect, attendees can enjoy barista coffee, street food, speed networking, an after-party with live music, and a DJ and karaoke session. This legal conference is a good choice for those who want to focus on networking and learning in an informal environment.


5. International Legal Technology Association Conference (ILTACON)

20-24 August, Orlando, Florida – website

ILTACON is a conference that runs for 4.5 days, providing attendees with a wide range of programs, educational content, and networking opportunities. The conference brings together industry experts and legal professionals to collaborate and develop successful strategies for the constantly evolving legal industry. This legal conference is run by ILTA, a volunteer-led association with a focus on premier education and connecting legal professionals with their peers to support their work in the legal sector. They have a strong emphasis on technology but also offer support for professionals of all types in law firms and corporate/government legal operations.


6. The Summit

November 2-3, Orlando, Florida, website 

The Summit is a two-day legal conference for solo specialists and small law firms looking to grow their businesses and dominate their markets. Attendees will learn exclusive strategies, industry secrets, and innovative business practices from a team of experienced lawyers, practice managers, and business owners. This legal conference offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights from keynote speakers, as well as learn marketing and business strategies that can be immediately implemented. It’s a combination of a legal trade show and an industry symposium for lawyers of all backgrounds, niches, and experiences to attend.


2023 Legal Conferences – what you should focus on

2023 is definitely all about technological developments and staying on top of this curve. The Pandemic increased the speed of technological progress, so it’s definitely worth investing some resources into learning how you can utilize new tools in your work.

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