Life Sciences

Minimize liability, decrease overhead, and save time when drafting agreements by using a contract lifecycle management solution for your clinical trials.


Concord’s built-in collaboration features enable teams across the globe to coordinate contract logistics in real time, while also providing an audit trail for all contract modifications and discussions. Supporting documentation such as questionnaires, pharmacology data, and drug master files can be uploaded and attached to contracts.

Reduce risk by using Concord’s internal validation workflow capabilities to require specific individuals or departments to approve agreements before your project moves forward.


Get notified when contracts are ready for renewal and start your negotiation process on time.

Concord’s cloud-based platform enables you to clarify contract terms in real time with clinical laboratory supply and medical device providers. You will have an audit trail for each procurement cycle.

Both you and your vendors can cut postage and administrative costs with minimal effort by using our contract lifecycle management solution.


Concord takes numerous precautions to secure user documents. Aside from housing our servers in HIPAA compliant, SSAE 16-Certified data centers, Concord encrypts user documents with industry standard AES-256 encryption. Data can only be accessed by account owners and their authorized users.

Electronic signatures are fully valid and legally binding in over 100 countries. When you sign a document electronically using Concord, a tamperproof seal is created. You gain piece of mind knowing that fully executed agreements are always safe and readily available.