Just Eat + Concord

You’ve got to be using these tools or you’re simply not going to be as efficient as your competitors.


Just Eat was using manual processes and an online data room through an older system that had no way to generate contracts. All documents were stored on desktops, making access inefficient. Time spent finding contracts was difficult, and e-signature was not available.

The team knew that as a leader in their industry and a large enterprise business, they had to work faster and smarter. They began the search for a better solution.


After implementing Concord, the team had greater visibility into all their contracts. Having a single source of truth for all creation, negotiation, and storage made it easy to see what was going on at all times. Questions from internal contacts and third parties were easy to respond to immediately, and it was much easier for legal to view and approve contracts.

“By the time anyone is asking them for signature, it’s already been approved by Legal. You can’t get that in a paper contract.”– Amabel Evans, Legal Information Officer

Just Eat found that Concord was easy to understand, especially the more they used the platform. Their clients were also able to be self-sufficient and had all the tools necessary to start working on a contract. Legal was able to be in the background of every contract for approvals and assistance. Overall, legal teams were much happier after Concord was implemented.


The adoption of Concord has been impressive, with teams using it daily. Across the organization, there is better control and efficiency. Concord has saved the business time and made getting signatures much more efficient. Legal has more time to work on strategic projects while maintaining the same level of visibility into every contract.

“The results we’ve seen from Concord are more time and more happiness in my Legal team.”– James Sporle, Group General Counsel

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