Hotelcloud + Concord

Concord is one of my favorite pieces of software.


Every process at Hotelcloud was online except for contract management. Sharon Brakha, the Chief Operations Officer, decided to fix that. She wanted to find an e-signature solution that also included collaboration capabilities.

Hotelcloud signs contracts with hotels, service partners, and distributors. The company negotiated contracts by sending emails back and forth, which was time-consuming. The process made it difficult to keep track of the most current version and any revisions in each contract. Additionally, without a document management system, Sharon had no way to ensure that all team members used the most current version of each contract template.

Managing contract deadlines was a complicated process. The average contract needed to be renewed each year. The manual process required taking each contract from storage and reviewing the resolution clause.

Sending contracts via the postal service took time and was not always a sure thing. On more than one occasion, contracts never made it to their destination. Hotelcloud contracts were usually signed two weeks from the date they were mailed.


The ability to electronically sign and collaborate on the same platform was a must-have. Hotelcloud was approached by software providers that only offered online signing capabilities. Since Sharon knew her company needed to be able to edit online and avoid sending multiple emails during contract negotiations, she looked for a more robust solution.

Concord was selected not only because of its e-signature and collaboration features, but also because of its modern, clean user interface.


Every Hotelcloud employee uses Concord. Internal collaboration and partner negotiation is now streamlined in the platform. There is a record of all discussions and document edits. Templates are controlled, ensuring that every employee uses the most current version of each contract to begin negotiations.

“ Now I have all the edits online. I don’t need to remember which version was the second version or the third because I have the comparison tool. ”– Sharon Brakha, Chief Operations Officer

Email notifications have made the contract renewal process expedited and easy to manage. Deadlines and key clauses can be found in the summary panel of each document. Hotelcloud spends less time reviewing, preparing, and sending contract renewals than it did before using Concord. Additionally, all contracts are stored, updated, and signed online. Contracts are usually fully signed within a day and essential information is never missed.

“ The required field feature was a major change for me, because 90% of the time people used to skip fields. ”– Sharon Brakha, Chief Operations Officer

Hotelcloud is now fully digital in all of its business processes.

Ready to start signing documents? Concord offers a free trial, and all our plans provide unlimited e-signatures for as many users as you need.

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