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Our processes are streamlined and are almost paperless. . . training coworkers on Concord is an easy and fast task.


As a supplier, Daitem sends renewal agreements to all of their independent client installers each year. In order to comply with industry regulations, and avoid fines, Daitem had to send these contracts within a time frame of a few months. The company also had to be able to prove to industry regulators that the contracts were sent according to regulations in case of an audit. Daitem’s challenge was to find a dedicated tool to more efficiently send contracts and track their statuses without adding team members.


Daitem’s Director learned about Concord through a TV interview with Concord’s CEO, Mathieu Lhoumeau. The interview discussed how electronic signatures are as valid as paper contracts. Daitem saw the benefits of 3 main features that Concord offers, including:
  • The ability to create multiple contracts at once
  • Reminder alerts automatically sent until customers sign contracts and changes are easily trackable
  • Proof of contract compliance in case of an audit


Daitem’s Sales and Operations Manager implemented Concord and trained the team on using the product.
“ Since implementing Concord, we have successfully moved to a paperless workflow across our office, which falls within our sustainable objectives. ”- Sales & Operations Manager at Daitem
Now it is easy to regularly provide the sales department with status reports on their contracts. Daitem's contract management processes have improved and the security alarm systems provider can also prove it is in compliance with regulations in case of an audit. Daitem improved its commercial process and also strengthened its relationship with distributors by easily personalizing each contract.
“ Sending contracts to clients at least once a year to remind them of the contract's conditions allows us to reinforce and galvanize our relationship with them. ”- Sales & Operations Manager at Daitem
By using Concord, Daitem is able to focus on serving their customers rather than completing administrative tasks. Daitem has optimized their processes, which allows them to have a more frequent and more personalized relationship with its clients.

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