[VIDEO] – Customer Testimonial: Home Chef, In-House Counsel

January 7, 2021 • Concord Community • 3 minutes

Home Chef is a well-recognized name in meal kit delivery services. However, they are actually a very small, agile team. Their in-house counsel team of a few employees is responsible for maintaining the contracts of the entire $200M company.

Before using Concord, their contracts were spread across devices and hard drives, making finding an individual contract a nightmare. They love how all their agreements are accessible and organized with Concord!

Check out this two-minute video testimonial from in-house counsel at Home Chef.

Transcript of Home Chef Customer Testimonial, Using Concord for In-House Counsel

[00:00:04.820] – Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel

Home chef is a meal delivery company based here in Chicago. We send prepackaged ingredients to customers along with a recipe card each week. They just get a great home cooked meal that’s restaurant quality.

[00:00:19.560] – Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal

Before Concord, I think the biggest frustration had to do with just complete lack of organization in terms of our document or contract management.

[00:00:28.590] – Bill Pipal, Associate In-House Counsel

We were using our desktops, so we had folders that had some contracts in them.

[00:00:34.620] – Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal

Concord has been very helpful with respect to making sure that we have access to everything in a way that doesn’t rely on one person to have to be able to get to it.

[00:00:45.600] – Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel

Right now we have about fourteen hundred contracts uploaded.

[00:00:49.140] – Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal

It literally takes us two seconds to find anything that we need in the company. Now, I would describe it as a very intuitive, flexible system that handles all you need from a legal department perspective. It’s kind of a one-stop shop.

[00:01:04.590] – Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel

I did not have more than five minutes of time that I needed to actually figure out how to upload documents and tag them and do everything that I needed to do. Now it’s just sort of a memory function where I don’t even think about it. I just view document, upload, put the tags, and we’re good to go.

[00:01:20.400] – Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal

Concord has saved us a lot of time, which has freed us up to do our day jobs, everything else that we need to do as a legal department.

[00:01:26.820] – Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel

The biggest results that we’re seeing is just a faster turnaround time on contracts.

[00:01:31.860] – Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal

Concord can be used very effectively for a smaller legal department and growing company like us, but it’s very easily scalable.

[00:01:40.590] – Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel

Life without Concord is a very scary thought. I can’t imagine being part of a fast-paced business and not being able to access every single contract that we know exists as the legal department. We’re expected to be the keepers of the contracts and being able to quickly pull them up and know what our requirements are and what the other side’s requirements are is a huge benefit and makes us look good.


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