How Sales and Legal Can Use Salesforce to Improve Contract Processes

January 11, 2024 • Contract Management • 4 minutes

Table of contents

  1. Why integrate Salesforce with a contract management platform?
  2. How does a Salesforce improve contract processes for Sales?
  3. How does a Salesforce improve contract processes for Legal?
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If you’re in Sales or Legal and you frequently encounter contract bottlenecks, you’re not alone. Many companies struggle with inefficient contract processes that delay operations and frustrate staff.

By integrating Salesforce with your contract management software, you can transform the way you handle contracts. You’ll empower your teams to collaborate more effectively and manage contracts with greater precision and speed. Let’s see how it works.

Why integrate Salesforce with a contract management platform?

Integrating Salesforce with a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform brings four key benefits that streamline your business processes and enhance team efficiency.

Here’s what you get when you integrate Salesforce with a CLM tool.

  1. Seamless deal syncing: Reduce the need to switch between systems, saving time and minimizing errors by managing contracts directly within Salesforce.
  2. Automated data transfer: Streamline the contract creation process with automated data transfers from Salesforce, decreasing the need for manual input and speeding up document preparation.
  3. Real-time updates: Keep all team members informed about contract statuses with real-time updates, enhancing transparency and collaboration across departments.
  4. Accelerated deal closures: Close deals more quickly and with fewer errors by making the entire process — from drafting to signing — faster and more coordinated.

In short, integrating these systems not only simplifies contract management but also boosts your team’s ability to close deals efficiently.

How does a Salesforce improve contract processes for Sales?

Integrating Salesforce with a contract management platform significantly enhances the productivity of sales teams by automating routine tasks and improving the accuracy of contracts.

Here’s what an integrated approach to contracts can do for your Sales team.

1. Streamline contract creation

You can generate contracts directly within Salesforce, pulling in data automatically from customer records. This reduces the time you spend on manual data entry and decreases the likelihood of errors.

2. Streamline approval processes

Set up automated workflows that send contracts through the necessary approval channels without manual intervention. This helps you move deals forward quickly without waiting for manual handoffs.

3. Accelerate deal closures

By speeding up the contract process, you can respond to customer needs faster and finalize deals more quickly. This rapid turnaround can give you a competitive edge and lead to higher sales success.

4. Enhance customer satisfaction

A smoother, faster contracting process improves your interactions with customers, leading to better customer experiences and increased satisfaction.

By adopting this integrated approach, your sales team can focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks, boosting overall efficiency and effectiveness.

How does a Salesforce improve contract processes for Legal?

Integrating Salesforce with a contract management platform offers Legal teams precise tools for managing the lifecycle of contracts, ensuring better compliance and streamlined operations.

Here’s what Legal professionals will get out of this integration.

1. Improved contract accuracy

Automatically populate contracts with data from Salesforce to reduce human errors. This integration helps you maintain accuracy in legal documents, crucial for compliance and reducing potential legal disputes.

2. Simplified amendment tracking

Track changes and amendments directly within Salesforce. This feature allows you to maintain version control, ensuring you always work on the most current document and easily revert to previous versions if needed.

3. More enforceable compliance

Utilize built-in compliance checks that automatically compare contract terms against legal standards and company policies. This proactive approach supports contract compliance and helps you avoid breaches and legal penalties.

4. Centralized document management

Store all contracts and related legal documents in one secure location within Salesforce, or in a secure contract repository. This centralization makes it easy to retrieve documents, manage access, and perform contract management reporting that’ll improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

By leveraging these benefits, your legal team can operate more efficiently, manage risks more effectively, and provide better support to both your Sales and Legal teams.


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