How to speed up Contract Execution from 1 hour to 5 minutes: 2pifi Adopts Concord’s CLM

August 26, 2016 • Contract Management Software • 5 minutes

Below Concord interviews Andrew Kelly of 2pifi, an innovator and leader in the telecommunications industry, to find out about how contract lifecycle management (CLM) software has improved their contract management practices.


Tell me about 2pifi?

2pifi is a division of Circle Computer Resources, Inc. and we’ve been in business since 1986. We have a very high technology focus, specifically, what we’re doing is helping to bring broadband connections to hard-to-reach locations. For example, if you have a fast food chain, with 1,000 locations across the country, you may have a hard time getting broadband to as much as 10% of those. We help with that 10%.  We will also build microwave links for all different industries. For example, if you need to bring a GB of bandwidth to a city where they might have only a few MB’s there, we will build the communication links to do that.


Tell me more about how 2pifi is changing the telecommunications world?

Before 2pifi, when a big business would run into a hard-to-reach situation, they would end up spending huge dollars on construction, they might spend $50,000 for the build-out. They take on huge expenses when they didn’t know they had any other options. 2pifi can provide businesses the broadband solutions they need at 1/3rd, or 1/5th the cost of some of our competition. We are doing what people thought was impossible before, in large part, thanks to our wireless microwave technology.


Do you mind expanding on these wireless microwaves? I am curious.

When you and I use our internet connections, most of the connections are established by bringing a wire into the building, whether that’s fiber or coax, or old school RJ45 or RJ11. But all the different mediums that people use, fiber, copper, etc. they are all transmitting communications. You can also transmit those same communications wirelessly. 2pifi’s microwaves are not meant to replace wired line, rather we supplement the wired line. We can extend an additional mile, or 10 miles, or even 20 miles on top of wired line infrastructure with our wireless microwaves. It all ties back to the same infrastructure, but with us, you can get it into different places with different methods.


So within this realm what does your company stand for?

Impossible is where we live. We want to bring connectivity to places that everyone said you couldn’t bring it. So that site where they’ve said “Oh no, there is nothing available there, you can only access via dial-up”, we want to be the ones who solve those impossible problems. We want to be that “bat-phone” that you call when you’ve got a problem that no one can solve—2pifi can solve that problem.


What is your role inside of 2pifi?

I am the director of sales.


What started your search for an online contract management tool?

We were doing a lot just on paper initially. We wanted to do our own thing, we wanted to start from scratch. So at first, we were using Word documents—and that was really rough. You make a lot more mistakes when you are trying to run through the whole thing manually. Being part of Circle Computer Resources though, we’ve really been encouraged to try new things and to innovate.  So when I found Concord, the program. . . it just worked.


Do you feel like Concord has improved your overall processes?

For our contracts, there are only specific items that change, so close to 95% of the contract is actually the same from version to version. We just needed a quick way to go into our contracts and update specific fields, with costs for example. So when we were looking at Concord we thought it was great because it will cut our time down from an hour per contract to 5 minutes per contract, and it will minimize the amount of mistakes that we make from maybe 1 out of 10 to hopefully more like 1 out of 100.


What features have you liked about Concord? What ones do you use most frequently from day-to-day?

I really like that Concord has a very simple design, when software gets too complicated they miss important things and it makes it much more difficult to use. The features that I like the most are being able to use your templates and then generating specific fields in those templates. This comes into play as each of our customers has a standard template, and then any time they want to place a new order, we jump straight into their template, fill out the 5 fields and “boom.” Done. We can have the contract out to them within just a couple of minutes. Whereas before when we were doing this out of Word documents you can imagine how much work it was to go through and try to comb through the Word document every time.


Would you recommend our solution to others?

Yes, most definitely.

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