Customer Spotlight: Just Eat

October 10, 2018 • Success Story • 3 minutes

By digitizing and automating their contract processes, Just Eat is seeing exponential results in its Legal team’s productivity and contract processes throughout the company.

Just Eat is a leading global online food ordering and delivery company based in the UK and operating in 13 countries. Their business provides customers with a safe and secure way to order, pay, and receive takeout meals all from the comfort of their home. As a publicly-traded worldwide organization, Just Eat needed a way to better create, negotiate, manage, and store their contracts as the business continued to scale.

One of the biggest challenges Just Eat was facing was outdated processes that no longer matched their pace of business. Managing and executing contracts was still done manually. As the organization scaled to solidify its status as an industry leader, having contracts stored in older systems that were difficult to navigate was no longer an option.

Just Eat highlighted two of their main problems with current processes as time spent on the entirety of contracts, from beginning to end, and solidifying a simple, efficient e-signature process into their workflows that would help reduce time spent even after a contract was sent out to a third party. After searching for the right platform, Just Eat discovered Concord.

Just Eat chose Concord’s platform because of its ability to provide a single source of truth across the organization and speed up processes. Security was heightened with the new platform and storage was simple. Legal had greater visibility across all contracts, allowing them to approve documents much more quickly. Insights into usability increased, and through this the team discovered that users were on the platform daily. The legal team was able to enable users to have more self-sufficiency while keeping a high level of compliance.

From implementation to present-day use, Just Eat’s use of Concord has been a success. James Sporle, the Group General Counsel at Just Eat mentioned that his team not only had more time, but was much happier when using Concord. One of the key points he mentioned was how Concord gave Just Eat a competitive advantage. With the modern business world moving at a faster pace and technology being integrated into every business process, letting something like contracts lag behind could be detrimental to success. With Concord, Just Eat no longer has that concern.

To learn more about Just Eat’s journey with Concord, watch a video of their success story here, or explore all of Concord’s success stories here.

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