Concord’s Inbox Gets Even Better With New Updates!

April 10, 2024 • New Release • 2 minutes

Starting April 9th, 2024, Concord users will experience four powerful enhancements to the Document Inbox.

Let’s dive into what these updates mean for you.

1. Clickable folder navigation

Clickable folder navigation in Concord's new document inbox


Concord users can now move between folders with a simple click, just like with files and folders in Windows or Mac OS. This feature significantly cuts down on time spent searching for specific contracts and organizing your documents. It’s intuitive, straightforward, and similar to the familiar experience of navigating your everyday operating system.

2. Ability to “star” folders and documents

Ability to star folders and documents in Concord's new document inbox

Highlighting your most important folders and documents just got a lot easier. With the new “star” feature, you can mark critical docs and folders with just a click. This feature is about more than just marking priorities — it’s about keeping your most-needed folders and docs visible and accessible whenever you need them.

3. Infinite inbox scrolling

Forget the frustration of clicking through multiple pages to find the contract you need. With infinite scrolling, you can continuously scroll through your documents without any interruption. This means less time clicking “next page” and more time focusing on what matters. It’s a seamless, efficient way to navigate through your contracts.

4. Documents open in new tabs

Having to click back and forth between documents and inbox can be a hassle. Concord solves this with a new feature where documents automatically open in new tabs. This means you can keep your Document Inbox open while reviewing multiple contracts in separate tabs. It’s all about making multitasking easier and more efficient for you.

With these upgrades, Concord is tailoring its platform to your needs, helping you spend less time managing contracts and more time doing what you do best.

Get ready to experience a more streamlined, user-focused approach to contract management.

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