City of Kenner + Concord

If it saves me ten phone calls of where is that contract, it will have been worth it.


The City of Kenner did all their contracts in paper. Even when a digital contract was sent over, it was printed out in copies of three, passed through all the necessary departments, and signed with pen. If a contract was sent to another department, it was difficult to know who had it or had edited it. The process took months, and ultimately contracts were too difficult to track down.


Manual processes were no longer working for the City of Kenner. They needed to make a switch to a digital platform that would allow them to work more efficiently while keeping compliance a priority. Moreover, they wanted visibility not only into who had a document at any given time, but who was editing it and who made changes.

“ If it saves me ten phone calls of where is that contract, it will have been worth it. ”– Eric Mund, Assistant City Attorney


The ability to see who looked at and approved a document was a huge benefit for the City of Kenner. They no longer have to spend hours on the phone trying to find contracts, but instead are able to quickly log into the platform and see if a department has approved a contract. Concord’s comprehensive audit trail has been a huge help as any changes are clearly marked and it’s simple to see who has made those changes.

The City of Kenner is not a profit-center, but a public service institute. Because of that, their main goal is not to make more money, but to save taxpayer money. The legal department was confident that the time they are saving and the speed in creating and processing documents is allowing them to work on more strategic initiatives and saving them money, which in turn passes those savings and benefits along to the community.

“ Our bottom line is more public service than it is to turn a profit. Concord helps with efficiency, we don’t make more or less money off it, but we save the taxpayer a few dollars in the process. ”– Eric Mund, Assistant City Attorney

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