[VIDEO] – Customer Testimonial: City of Kenner and Municipal Contracts

April 7, 2021 • Concord Community • 2 minutes

The city of Kenner, just outside New Orleans, has about 70,000 residents. Before the city started using Concord for their municipal contract management, they literally printed everything on paper to edit and sign it. Fortunately, all that wasted time and paper ended when they found Concord.

Check out this two-minute video testimonial from City of Kenner, Lousiana Assistant City Attorney, Eric Mund.

Transcript of City of Kenner Customer Testimonial, Using Concord for Municipal Contracts


We’re in the city of Kenner, just a few miles outside of New Orleans. We have just shy of seventy thousand people. Our process was literally paper prior to starting with Concord. A lot of documents that were emailed to us already electronically were then converted to paper, printed off everything in triplicate, and then it moved around from office to office, about a month-long process, at which point everybody would sit down, sign three copies, and then it would get scanned in and and put online, especially on large construction contracts where there is a lot of paperwork.


We would sometimes lose paperwork in the shuffle.


You never knew where anything was at a given moment. And if anything changed in the whole process, you had a lot of people to get on board. We definitely are now able to track things much better so we know where everything is all the time. We’re also able to know who looked at it, who touched it, who made the changes, and who’s responsible for any issues that might arise.


The vendors are actually liking it because they have access to it also and they get notified immediately. So it’s really become a great thing for the city.


We’ve got 15 or 20 different departments, and while they’re all similar, they do have fairly diverse needs. So being able to change things at a granular level has been a helpful element of Concord. I’m hopeful once everybody’s locked in and loaded, we’ll have about 90 percent of our contracts digital after that. If it saves me 10 phone calls of where is that contract, it will have been worth it. Our bottom line is more public service than it is to turn a profit.


Concord helps with efficiency. We don’t make any more or less money off of it, but we save the taxpayer a few dollars in the process. So if that can be done, I feel like that’s a win.

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