How to Sign Multiple Documents Fast

May 16, 2024 • Tips • 5 minutes

Table of contents

  1. What is bulk signing?
  2. How to sign multiple documents quickly and easily
  3. What are the benefits of bulk signing?
  4. Are bulk signatures legally valid?
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If you deal with a large number of agreements that need your signature, you can use bulk signing to sign multiple documents quickly. When executing high-volume contracts like stock trade agreements or policy updates, bulk signing can give you back hours of your day.

Here, we’ll show you how to apply a legally binding electronic signature to multiple documents simultaneously. It’s easy in contract management software like Concord. Let’s dive in!

What is bulk signing?

Bulk signing is a feature that enables you to sign multiple documents at once, dramatically streamlining the signing process. This is particularly useful when you need to execute several agreements quickly, without clicking through each of them individually.

By eliminating the need to individually open and sign each document, bulk signing saves you significant time and effort, enabling you to sign many documents with just a few clicks.

How to sign multiple documents quickly and easily

You can take advantage of Concord’s built-in bulk signing functionality to sign many documents with your electronic signature, with just a few clicks.

Here’s how to sign multiple documents at once.

  1. In your Document Inbox, check the checkboxes to the left of all the documents you would like to sign.
  2. You can preview documents by selecting the document you would like to view from the left-hand side, and hovering your mouse over its title.
  3. Click the Sign button.
  4. On the pop-up modal, click Continue with “X” Contracts.
  5. Type or draw your e-signature, and click Sign.

Your signature will then be added to all the selected documents. That’s all there is to it!

Select multiple documents to bulk sign in Concord

What are the benefits of bulk signing?

The most obvious benefit of bulk signing is that it saves you countless clicks, and gives you back a great deal of time you’d otherwise spend on repetitive signatures. Let’s break down these benefits in more detail.

Here are the key benefits of bulk signing.

Accelerated document processing

Bulk signing dramatically reduces the time required to process multiple documents. For instance, during peak periods like quarterly sales closings or annual HR policy renewals, you can sign entire batches of contracts or agreements within minutes. This efficiency not only accelerates the workflow but also allows you to meet deadlines more effectively, keeping projects and processes on schedule.

Reduced operational costs

By minimizing the need for manual handling of each document, bulk signing cuts down on administrative costs. In sectors like banking or insurance, where high volumes of contracts are the norm, this can translate into significant savings. Reduced paper use and fewer resources spent on document management also contribute to cost efficiency, freeing up budget to allocate to higher-value areas of your business.

Enhanced accuracy and consistency

When you apply your signature to multiple documents at once, you reduce the risk of missing signatures or incorrectly signed pages. This uniformity is crucial in legal or financial environments where the accuracy of document execution can affect compliance and audit outcomes. Automated checks can further help verify that all documents are correctly signed and ready for the next steps.

Improved stakeholder satisfaction

The ability to quickly sign and turn around documents enhances your interactions with clients, suppliers, and employees. For example, in real estate transactions, where multiple lease agreements or sales contracts need to be signed, bulk signing can shorten the waiting period for all parties, leading to higher satisfaction and improved business relationships.

Stronger security and traceability

Modern bulk signing tools come equipped with security features that track and record every signing activity. This traceability is invaluable in sectors requiring strict compliance, such as healthcare or government contracting. It helps you maintain a clear audit trail, safeguard sensitive information, and comply with data protection regulations.

Sign multiple documents fast, with Concord.

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Are bulk signatures legally valid?

Bulk signatures are as legally binding as individual electronic signatures. In most jurisdictions, including those governed by the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (eSIGN Act) and the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, electronic signatures obtained through bulk signing processes are recognized as valid and enforceable. 

This legal acceptance extends to many business sectors, from legal and financial services to healthcare and government operations. For instance, if you’re managing a technology firm and need to quickly execute multiple nondisclosure agreements, bulk signing helps ensure that these documents are legally executed, enabling you to proceed with partnerships without delay. Similarly, in the finance sector, bulk signatures expedite loan agreements and other financial documents, maintaining both the pace of business and compliance with legal standards.

It’s important to use a contract management software platform that adheres to these legal standards to facilitate your bulk signing needs. For example, Concord maintains a detailed audit trail of all signing activities in each document, providing robust evidence in case anyone questions a document’s authenticity. 

Plus, it’s worth noting that not all types of electronic signatures are equal. A simple e-signature (SES) is only legally valid on certain kinds of documents, while more high-stakes agreements usually require an advanced e-signature (AdES). Most jurisdictions also require an e-signed contract to contain an electronic signature clause in order to be valid.v

As we’ve seen, bulk signing offers significant business benefits by streamlining document processing, reducing operational costs, and maintaining high accuracy and consistency across multiple documents. This efficiency boosts stakeholder satisfaction, and enhances your company’s ability to meet deadlines and regulatory requirements.

Most of all, though, bulk signing makes your life easier, by reducing the number of clicks in your workflows. And once you’ve brought your documents into a contract repository like Concord, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this powerful time-saving feature.

Sign multiple documents quickly, with Concord.

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