HubSpot Contract Management: Tips and Best Practices

May 2, 2024 • Contract Management • 5 minutes

Table of contents

  1. What is HubSpot contract management?
  2. How to integrate HubSpot with a contract management platform
  3. How to manage contracts in HubSpot
  4. Tips and best practices for HubSpot contract management
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Tired of switching between multiple tools every time you need to create and sign a contract? HubSpot contract management can save yourself a lot of back-and-forth clicking between different tools.

If you already use HubSpot to manage your contact list and schedule outreach, you may as well connect it to your contract tool of choice. Here’s how to get that integration set up — and what you can do to get the most out of it.

What is HubSpot contract management?

HubSpot contract management is the method of managing contracts directly within HubSpot, using integrations with specialized contract management tools. 

While HubSpot itself does not offer built-in contract management features, you can connect it to your contract management software using an integration. This integration enables you to streamline the process of creating, sending, and tracking contracts while working within your familiar HubSpot interface.

For example, you can auto-populate contracts with HubSpot deal data, track contract statuses, and even set reminders for contract renewals — all from HubSpot. Let’s see how.

How to integrate HubSpot with a contract management platform

When you connect HubSpot with a contract management software platform, you’ll be able to create and manage contracts straight from your HubSpot deals. 

Here’s how you can integrate HubSpot with your contract management tool.

Step 1: Choose your contract management platform 

First, select a contract management software that best fits your needs. Concord offers comprehensive features that include automated contract creation, secure digital signing, and real-time negotiation — and a built-in HubSpot integration.

Step 2: Connect your software 

Start by installing your contract management software’s add-on or application from the HubSpot marketplace. Then go into your contract management tool’s “Integrations” page, and enable the HubSpot integration.

Step 3: Sync your data 

After you’ve completed the installation, configure the settings to sync your customer data from HubSpot. This helps make sure that any updates to your contracts in Concord reflect relevant customer information from HubSpot.

Say goodbye to email attachments, and hello to signed contracts.

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How to manage contracts in HubSpot

Once you’ve got the integration set up, you’ll be able to create contracts straight from your HubSpot deals, populate those agreements with text from HubSpot, and auto-sync data from those contracts back to HubSpot, too.

Here’s how to manage contracts in HubSpot.

Create contracts from HubSpot deals

You can easily generate contracts directly within HubSpot deals using Concord templates. This feature allows you to effortlessly drag and drop fields from HubSpot into your contract documents.

Auto-populate contract fields

Concord simplifies your workflow by automatically filling in contract fields with data from HubSpot. This keeps your documents accurate and up-to-date.

Share and monitor contracts

Share contracts with stakeholders directly from HubSpot and keep track of their status—such as when they are viewed or signed—right from your dashboard.

Synchronize updates

Any updates you make in Concord will instantly reflect in HubSpot, keeping your deal records current and aligned with your contract activities.

Automate contract processes 

A contract management integration lets you automate many stages of the contract lifecycle. For instance, you can auto-generate contracts when certain conditions are met in HubSpot, such as reaching a deal stage or completing a sale.

Track and manage contracts 

You can view when contracts are sent, signed, or need follow-up. Your dashboard within HubSpot provides end-to-end visibility on agreement statuses, helping you manage the entire contract lifecycle without needing to switch platforms.

As you can see, integrating HubSpot with your contract management software creates a much more seamless process, with a lot less clicking back and forth between tools.

Tips and best practices for HubSpot contract management

To make the most of managing contracts within HubSpot, follow this list of practical tips and best practices.

Regularly update your templates

Keep your contract templates up to date with the latest terms and conditions to save time and keep your documents relevant and compliant.

Use automation for reminders

Set up automation to send reminders for contract renewals or follow-ups, helping you stay on top of deadlines effortlessly.

Leverage HubSpot’s custom fields

Use custom fields in HubSpot to store specific contract-related data, which enhances the software’s sorting and retrieval capabilities.

Keep an eye on contract statuses

HubSpot and your contract management tool will help you automate contract deadline reminders — but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on the status of each contract, to quickly address any delays or issues that arise in the signing process.

As many businesses have found, integrating HubSpot with contract management tools like Concord simplifies the entire contract process. This integration enables sales teams to quickly generate contracts using pre-approved terms directly within a familiar platform. 

The result? A faster sales cycle with reduced administrative burden on sales teams, allowing legal departments to dedicate more time to high-value tasks.

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