Don’t Let the Scoreboard Kill Sales

September 5, 2018 • Sales • 2 minutes

Concord’s Senior Account Executive, Zach Hintze, shares the sales lesson he learned while coaching sports.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to coach my son’s basketball team. My son is in elementary school, so as you can imagine, coaching his team falls somewhere between herding cats and wrestling chickens.

One of the things that I noticed during my last game with the team was that every time we scored a basket our defense became really poor. At first, I thought it was over-excitement among the team causing them to lose focus. But as I watched more closely, I realized that every member of our team would stare at the scoreboard to see their points go up as they were walking back down to the other side of the court. It is pretty hard to focus on defense when you are staring at the scoreboard.

Then it hit me: this is a common sales problem! Think about the last huge deal you were working on for the past few months and just about to close. Instead of focusing on smaller deals and pushing other deals that you could probably get to go this month you are just dreaming about the new (insert cool gadget here) that you are going to buy when you close that big deal.

My point is we need to focus on the bigger picture. Sure, it is important to work that big deal. But if we lose focus of everything else by looking at the “scoreboard,” then we are missing out on so many other potential opportunities that could close this month.

All reps have a tendency to lose focus on the big picture from time to time. Let the scoreboard serve as a reminder for all of us to make sure we’re keeping perspective.

Now, play some defense!

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