Customer Spotlight: Widelity

June 20, 2018 • Success Story • 3 minutes

Widelity has seen an impressive ROI from switching to a single source of truth for their contracts.

Widelity is a professional services and business consulting leader committed to providing high-quality deployments, operational communication networks, and integrated applications around the globe. Contracts are a key piece of their scalable and growing business. Concord sat down to talk about how templates, notifications, and a unified platform have helped them improve their business processes.

Life Before Concord

Widelity manages thousands of contracts ranging from employee and customer contracts to operations contracts. Before Concord, the team used the Google suite and relied on email attachments. Version control, contract deadlines, and consolidating processes were challenging parts of the process to manage.

As the team set goals, they realized contract management needed to be a part of their plan. In 2016, the team began to look for a solution that would organize contracts throughout the entire lifecycle.

A Single Source of Truth for Higher ROI

As Widelity looked for the contract management platform that was right for them, they discovered Concord. Having all people, processes, and documents in a single location was a contrast from any other option they’d looked at, and solidified the deal.

“Having templates in the platform makes everything easier and faster. . . The email notifications have made the contract process very easy and the ROI on the platform has been excellent.” - Heather Helmig, HR Manager Share on X

Implementation was simple and Widelity was able to swiftly bring on contractors across the world, freeing them to focus on key projects in the Operations and HR departments. Onboarding and contract renewal has been much simpler with Concord.

“It was easy to learn the platform and I received help when I needed it. - Heather Helmig, HR Manager Share on X

Renewals were difficult to track before Concord, but after implementing the system, a large amount of manual tasks were no longer necessary, freeing the team to focus on more critical projects and strategic work. Large attachments, long email chains, and spending time trying to find the most recent version of a contract have been completely eliminated from the process. Organization is now streamlined through a comprehensive tagging structure.

“I love the features and the price point is right.” - Heather Helmig, HR Manager Share on X

Working faster and smarter is now possible through a seamless process across the entire organization. From robust features to creating an overall process change, Concord is the right solution for Widelity to better serve their customers and employees alike.

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