Customer Spotlight: Home Chef

May 23, 2018 • Success Story • 3 minutes

Home Chef is one of the leading meal delivery companies located in Chicago. Concord sat down with the Home Chef legal team to talk about how Concord helped with the switch from manual to automated contract processes to increase efficiency.

Home Chef is an e-commerce-based meal kit company that provides people with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards to make a freshly-cooked, restaurant quality meal in the comfort of their own home. As a fast-growing organization, Home Chef needed a better way to manage their contracts. Concord sat down with Home Chef’s VP of Legal, Shane Mulrooney, and Associate Counsel, Bill Pipal, to find out why they made the switch to Concord and what benefits they’ve seen since implementing the platform.

Life Before Concord

Before Concord, the biggest challenge was keeping contracts organized and easy for the whole legal team to access at any time. Mulrooney told a story of being on vacation in a boat on the middle of the lake and getting a call that a contract needed to be accessed immediately. Using a folder system on individual desktops was no longer an option as Home Chef grew rapidly. It was time for a change to be made.

Access, Scaling and Speed

Concord gave the legal department peace of mind as the entire team is now able to access any contract, at any time, without having to make a phone call to a team member who was on vacation in a boat. The ease of finding documents has rapidly increased and enabled the team to work on other key projects, not searching through folders.

Concord has been very helpful with respect to making sure that we have access to everything in a way that doesn’t rely on one person to have to be able to get to it. - Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal Click To Tweet

Learning how to use Concord was simple for the team at Home Chef. Pipal describes the experience as taking minutes to learn initially, and quickly becoming a memory function that is second nature. The tagging structure allows the team to improve their search functionality to a level where finding a contract takes mere seconds. They no longer just have a repository system, but an end-to-end platform that enables them to move faster in every part of the contract’s lifecycle.

I would describe it as a very intuitive, flexible system that handles all you need from a legal department’s perspective. It’s kind of a one stop shop. - Shane Mulrooney, VP of Legal Click To Tweet

The results that Home Chef is seeing are impressive. With over 1,400 contracts uploaded and tagged, the legal team is able to focus on more strategic work. Turnaround time on contracts is much faster, and the team knows they can make plans to scale using Concord as the company continues to grow. For a modern, fast-paced business like Home Chef, Concord is a critical system that increases visibility and compliance.

Life without Concord is a very scary thought. - Bill Pipal, Associate Counsel Click To Tweet

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